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As someone who is a big proponent of individuality, and overcoming gender stereotypes, it seems appropriate to remember a true trailblazer on that front; Katharine Hepburn.


Today marks what would have been the late actress’ 107th birthday. The 4-time Academy Award winner truly was a pioneer. Not only in the characters she portrayed, and the way she lived her life, but also, in the way she dressed. Katharine Hepburn loved to be comfortable and that meant she loved to wear trousers. They enabled her to sit on the floor more easily and throw her leg over a chair, if she so desired. Ms. Hepburn’s choice of attire was unconventional at a time when most women wore skirts or dresses. But it was out of this rebellion, that led to her becoming a style icon. She made menswear fashionable for women. And continues to inspire designers today.

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