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On a day such as today, March, 26, 2013, there have been many posts regarding the Supreme Court’s Same-Sex marriage hearing. Most have been supportive, but there have been some remarks in the comments sections of newspaper links, etc. that have been less than agreeable, to say the least. Some of the words I’ve witnessed have been absolutely hateful and beyond ignorant. I mean, calling the LGBT community a bunch of sociopaths, really? I just can’t for the life of me, in this day and age, understand the extreme prejudice of some people. I find it not only sad, but to some degree, a little laughable, since a lot of the people who make these bigoted remarks probably enjoy a lot of same-sex couplings and don’t even realize it.

Subtext, anyone? I do believe one of the bigger movie series in recent history has been Sherlock Holmes, with Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law. I mean, hello, how can you not see the homo-erotic nature of their relationship? Oh, right, they’re both “involved” with women, so there couldn’t possibly be anything beyond platonic love between the two men. Despite the film’s director, Guy Ritchie, and the actors themselves acknowledging the gay undertones in the movie. If that’s not enough for ya, how about the classic, Fried Green Tomatoes? Um, I understand people interpret things differently, but how can anyone who has seen that film (or read the book it’s based on), miss the love story between the two women? Okay, it could be deep friendship, I guess, especially since the lesbian aspect was toned down a bit for the movie-going audience. But, there are several scenes in the movie, that would suggest romantic love. One in particular is the food fight, in case you were wondering. Although, it’s not an overt love scene, the energy is there. I’ve posted the clip below, in case you’re curious to watch. Even the director of the movie admits it to being Idgie & Ruth making love, albeit metaphorically.

Then, of course, there’s the popular cable series, Rizzoli and Isles. Quite the controversy with that one and the undefined relationship between the two female leads and how ambiguous it is, leaving many to say the two are “married,” without actually being married. I’d wager to bet most fans, men and women alike view them as such. There’s just no denying the chemistry, emotional connection, and affection Jane and Maura share. And there’s definitely some eye-shagging thrown in for good measure. Just watch an episode and you’ll see for yourself. But, alas, you have to keep it somewhat under the radar, so as not to “offend” some viewers who might be turned off, if it actually became maintext. I’ll have to post some links if you are interested in reading, or seeing, more about this topic.

I’ll end on one final note, what is the big deal, really, if two adults, two PEOPLE, love each other? Hasn’t love, in a variety of forms, been in front of us the whole time? Have we not been rooting for different pairings time and time again? We can’t help who we are drawn to, any more than we can control who we fall in love with. So, what is the problem? Aren’t we in need of a little more love in this world? Some PEOPLE just belong together, plain and simple, who cares about gender. A soul mate can be anyone. Someone you’d least expect. Why deny someone the joy of finding out? And once they do, let it be celebrated and recognized. Come on, let’s get back to being the free country our ancestors fought for….liberty for all? Live and Let Live, I say.

Holmes & Watson https://movies.yahoo.com/news/sherlock-homes-game-shadows-gay-love-story-171400112.html

Idgie & Ruth (FGT) “In Flagg’s novel, the relationship between Idgie and Ruth is based more on illicit love than friendship, with a detectable romance emerging between the two. In Avnet’s cinematic abridgment, their strong bond is downplayed as being a dedicated closeness, though a food fight later in the film doubles as a visual metaphor for sex.” http://www.notcoming.com/reviews/friedgreentomatoes

Idgie & Ruth food fight

Rizzoli & Isles TNT Speed Dating Promo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeVVZEX8g7M

Rizzoli & Isles LA Times article http://articles.latimes.com/2011/jul/03/entertainment/la-ca-rizzoli-isles-20110703

Idgie & Ruth

Fried Green Tomatoes

Holmes & Watson

Jane & Maura